Audit and Assurance

Our full range of assurance services translates numbers into accurate, meaningful information for quality decision-making. Our team of certified professional auditors has accumulated a wealth of experience acquired from the world’s best-known audit firms, Supreme Audit Institutions, the public sector as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), large and small.

Our audit and assurance methodology is anchored on the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and our approach tailor-made specifically to suit the size and nature of your organization, and draws upon our extensive industry knowledge. Bailey’s profound understanding of the regulatory and legislative environments ensures that, throughout, our services adhere to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs)

Public Financial Management

In order to support the countries, we work in to better address their development needs and provide efficient and effective public services to their citizens, Bailey Consulting Group works with development partners and governments to build, reform and maintain sound, effective, transparent, and accountable public financial management systems. We support institutional and human capacity to forecast, manage, and increase domestic resource mobilization, and simultaneously build capacity to plan and execute budgets, as well as to monitor, evaluate, and report on budget expenditures. Bailey Consulting Group engages improving debt management, public procurement and disposals, and provides technical assistance in financial reporting and auditing. Bailey Consulting Group boasts a team of finance specialists who are certified to local, regional and international professional bodies, ensuring that our services are second to none. Our team’s proficiency, accumulated over decades, has served public sector institutions at every stage of their PFM cycle, enabling them to perfect their service delivery to the public.

Internal Audit & Risk Framework Assessments

An internal audit function helps your governing board or audit committee to fulfil its responsibility of establishing effective and efficient control systems, perfecting its reporting policies and procedures, and creating a smooth system of corporate governance. Our internal audit services include:
1. Internal control reviews and assessments
2. Training for internal audit professionals
3. Process improvement reviews
4. Cash management system reviews
5. Regulatory compliance assessments
6. Boards and audit committees trainings

Outsourced Accounting Services

Financial records management is an essential component of any organization’s accountability and prudent financial resource utilization. Our outsourced services enable our clients to focus on core competencies, achieve operational excellence and outperform the competition. At Bailey Consulting Group, we have a wide range of accounting services, which include:
• Accounting system design and implementation
• Accounting and bookkeeping.
• Budgets preparation.
• Financial statements preparation.
• Payroll and employee benefits management.
• Income tax planning and preparation.
• Audit support.

Forensic and Fraud Services

Our Forensic and Fraud Services supports organisations in safeguarding their assets and reputation, and forestall the recurrence of future breaches. Towards the attainment of the foresaid, our team analyses complex accounting, financial, economic and operating information to isolate key issues, and present it in a way that effectively communicates case information for your organisation. The aim, throughout, is to arrive at a rapid and informed response, to safeguard assets and improve damage control.

Our forensic financial analysts work to discover accounting errors or irregularities, reconstructing events or data, and assisting with internal investigations, data analysis, personnel interviews, electronic data recovery and full litigation support.

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