Bailey Consulting Group

Bailey Consulting Group is a Pan-African firm offering consulting services in public finance advisory, assurance, tax, strategic management, social and market research, policy analysis and grant fund management, the aim being to provide effective answers to strategic business concerns across East Africa.

Bailey Consulting Group was established in 2009 with a view to providing advisory services to organizations seeking to utilize professional knowledge and management expertise in the areas of financial management consultancy as well as market and social research. Thanks to its networks within East Africa, Bailey Consulting Group has been able to conduct assignments throughout the region.

Our team of professional staff has a proven record for developing innovative results tailored to the evolving, industry-specific requirements of our clients. BSC continues to work with its clients long after completion of their projects to ensure that their strategic business objectives are achieved.

Our Building Pillars


To be the preferred regional consultancy firm in the East African region, providing cutting-edge consultancy services for regional development.
BCG for Africa


To consistently provide accurate professional consultancy solutions that link and inform the growth strategy of our esteemed clients.

BCG to the World

Core Principles

We believe there is more to success than simple wealth creation. As we pursue our mission, we adhere to the values that have served as BCG's foundation since inception.

Core Values

Integrity in all our work and relations forged between the busienss and the cusotmer, Timeliness, Team work, Accountability, Innovation, Honesty
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Core Values:

I. Integrity, Accountability and Professionalism: Achieving 100% accountability at both personal and firm is core for us, while maintaining integrity and professionalism in all we do.
II. Quality and Timeliness: We pride ourselves for providing the best services to our clients in a prompt, timely and accurate manner. This commitment to providing responsive, high-quality services to our clients has allowed us to steadily grow.
III. Client-Centered and Responsive: We are focused on helping our clients enhance their businesses sustainably. We strive to make a positive impact on every client we serve by listening to them so that we can better understand their needs and concerns and provide them with practical recommendations.
IV. Personal Growth and Development: All our staff are committed to continuous growth and learning, through ensuring we achieve continuous professional development ((CPD) trainings, reading, seminars, self-study and weekly team meetings.
V. Teamwork and Collaboration: Our execution is centered around team approach because we understand that success in what we do is largely dependent on the engagement of all team members. Our staff and consultants work together constantly exchanging ideas. This teamwork enables us to draw on every individuals talent, thereby, enhancing the quality and scope of the results our clients receive.

Capability Statement

Bailey Consulting Group is registered in the United Kingdom (UK) and has presence in the following areas: Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda and Somaliland. We are soon expanding to other countries in the Eastern African Region, including the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Sudan and Tanzania.

Our team constitutes experts who specialize in providing professional services through feasible and proven methodologies in across the various sectors in the challenging environments in which we operate. Our network of cross-sectoral experts is teamed up with motivated local staff the aim being to develop their capacity to eventually take the lead in their respective countries.

To ensure we have the highest calibre of expertise, we have established strong partnerships with independent consultants who possess years of various industry experience, and who are able to provide solutions that are practical and inspired by local context and industry best practice.

What sets us apart is the fact that we embrace technology in every assignment we pursue. In this endeavour, Bailey Consulting Group has invested in both physical technology as well as technological knowhow, which reduces the time, cost and human error associated with analogue approaches.

Our memberships and Certification

Our company, directors and professional staff have memberships and partnerships with the following bodies and professional societies:

  • Institute of certified Public Accountants of Kenya.
  • Institute of certified Public Accountants Rwanda.
  • Institute of Internal Auditors.
  • International Federation of Accountants.
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association.
  • South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.
  • Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • European Society for Opinion and Market Research.