Tax Consultancy

Taxes are a fact of personal and any business/organization life. The question you face is, how will you minimize the impact of taxes?. At BCG we offer clients a broad range of fully integrated tax consultancy services. We understand that tax planning is vital to organizations out for growth. Our approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge. We understand the East Africa tax landscape and we therefore offer the best tax services that suit your organization.

Strategic Growth

We inspire your growth

The vast majority of organization heads are currently changing their organization's strategy, this is a reflection of today's rapidly changing businesses environment. We understand that changing businesses isn't profoundly easy especially in uncertain economic times. From strategy to execution, BCG's Strategic management experts will work with you to translate boardroom strategy into action and results, creating distinctive strategies that work. BCG creates your equation for growth by providing clear understanding of value chain, market forces, competitive landscaping and industry attractiveness. We offer the following strategic management consultancy: Growth strategy (for SMEs, NGOs and microfinance institution); Strategic Plan development; Customers strategy; Business and technology strategy

Technology and Business

Successful organizations view technology as a critical part of their business strategy - a critical input to improve business performance. At BCG, we understand the relationship between business success and technology. We help your organization in the following areas: Improve business processes; reduce operational costs, increase customer satisfaction; enhance employee productivity and; keep the workplace secure

Organizational Development Services

Most organizations believe a lack of ongoing capital is the reason for stagnation within their businesses. While this can be an important factor, a lack of continual technical, operational and strategic skills support further plays a strong role in both small and large organizations failure, not reaching their growth potential. We understand that you need more than just numbers to guide your business. That's why we're committed to delivering a higher level of expertise and insight. Our team has and, have offered a range of business development services that aims at unlocking your organization growth potential.

Fiduciary Risk Assessments

This is the risk that arises when the trustee is not achieving the best value for the beneficiary. We at BCG provide a consistent and holistic approach to fiduciary risk assessment for our clients. This not only ensures that performance is ensured but ensures that a beneficiary achieves the best value.

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