3 Page Vision mission

Capability Statement

We operate in the following areas. South Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda and Somaliland

Our team constitutes experts who specialize in providing professional insight through feasible and quality methodologies in various sectors in the logistically challenging settings in which we operate. In ensuring quality results with local touch to our clients, our network of cross sectoral experts are teamed with motivated local staff in every assignment we undertake with view of developing the capacity of fragile communities on path of development.

To ensure the highest caliber of sector-expertise, we have established strong partnership with independent consultants who possess years of industry/sectoral experience. Furthermore, we pair local staff with international staff in order to build the capacity of local researchers and improve the quality of local information we gather. Our solutions are implementable and one inspired by local knowledge.

We have embraced technology in every aspect of our assignment we undertake. As such, Bailey Consulting has invested in state-of -art mobile data collection systems thereby, eliminating the time, cost and human error associated with paper and pencil. Our independent quality control team allows us to deliver the highest quality of data assurance to our clients.

In ensuring a high turn around in every project, we have continuously invested in training of a network of indigenous enumerators across the countries we serve. Finally, we have regional coverage and as such we can comfortably execute assignments within East Africa and horn of Africa, thank to our strong presence in Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Somaliland.