7 Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Companies are relentlessly focusing on ever changing consumer attitudes within the dynamic modern society. As a result, dropping sales, change in spending behavior, new, or renewed competition in the marketplace and increased product or service complaints can all necessitate marketing research aimed at uncovering the reasons behind trends related to consumer perceptions and attitudes. We therefore understand that analyzing consumer behavior becomes an essential part of developing a targeted marketing strategy and longer business growth.

Our experts partners with our clients to undertake but not limited to the following sets of thematic studies: Market Description studies; Market Profiling-Segmentation studies; Stage in the Purchase Process / Tracking studies; Customer Intention – Purchase Analysis Studies; Customer Attitudes and Expectations Surveys; Customer Trust – Loyalty – Retention Analysis Studies; New Product Concept Analysis Surveys; New Product Acceptance and Demand Surveys (Conjoint Analysis); Habits and Usage Studies; Product Fulfillment Studies; Competitive Product and Market Positioning; Brand Equity Studies; Advertising Value Identification and Analysis Studies; Advertising Media and Message Effectiveness Studies; Sales Force Effectiveness Studies; Sales Lead Generation Studies; Customer Service Studies; Customer Service Representative (CSR) StudiesSales Forecasting and Market Tracking Studies; and; Prices Setting Surveys and Elasticity of Demand Analysis.