Corporate Social Responsibility

Bailey Consulting Group’s corporate culture revolves around two primary drivers: One, our core values of putting our clients first and delivering the right solutions and, two, our push to keep Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of our growing business. The aim of our CSR drive is to manage the impact of our business on the communities and the environment we operate in.

To achieve this, we seek ways through which to maximize the positive impact in the communities where we work and also minimizing any negative impact of our operations on the environment. Our comprehensive CSR plan aims to contribute to a sustainable future, focusing on four pillars — Charities, People, Clients and the Environment.


BCG team has a rich tradition of voluntary work and charitable giving. We focus our donations to smaller organizations where our help can make meaningful difference. We want to share the good work we do with everyone across the firm, even as we continue to support our people in contributing to charities and their communities. We do this by promoting volunteering, making donations to charities, and recognizing the activities staff do in their own time.


At Bailey, we are dedicated to encouraging diversity and wellbeing. Throughout, it is essential that our workforce remains engaged, motivated and diverse, with a wide range of backgrounds, skill sets and experiences. We are committed to being a living wage employer and to ensuring that our consultants are adequately remunerated. We are committed to ensuring that our business and supply chains are free from slavery or human trafficking.


As a leading regional professional firm and employer, we believe it is vital to act responsibly and with the utmost integrity in all our dealings, both within the business and in our external relationships.


We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by measuring and managing our environmental footprint in respect of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, plastic consumption and waste reduction. We calculate our GHG emissions and make changes to reduce our carbon footprint. The measures we have taken include the introduction of smart metering, investing in energy-efficient lighting and equipment, and promoting our cycle-to-work scheme. We also recognize the importance of reducing waste. We have removed all plastic cups from our office spaces, and reduced the amount of waste we send out by enhancing our recycling initiatives.

Culture and Values

We have proudly served our clients for more than 14 years now, taking the time to understand their individual circumstances and delivering tailored solutions. During this time, we have striven to deliver the right solutions, a drive that is premised on the commitment of our staff and partners. This has been driven by BCG’s capacity to attract and retain the best people. We strive to create a rewarding and fulfilling work environment, providing career development and training opportunities while promoting an appropriate work-life balance. We value our excellent reputation, and are committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in the conduct of our business affairs.

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